Commercial ART
Photoshop course
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The course content is structured in such a way that it is ideal for both the beginner and the professional Photoshop user.

To take the course you must have a MacOS or Windows computer or laptop with installed Photoshop CC 2018-2022.
The first in-depth video course on Adobe Photoshop from the Deskills team. 8 years of unique experience in one big video
course.A unique system for fast sketching of art, and the correct work with collage.The niche of commercial art in this style is free, have time to be the first among the top designers!
About the course
You will learn how to create incredible art and collages from regular photos. This style of art is in high demand among customers. I made more than 400 individual orders in 1 year and the demand from customers is only growing. One my art costs on average $300-400 (prices for my services are available on the website and in the Instagram profile). If you show an excellent result in drawing art, then maybe I will take you to my team.

Уou can also develop your business by drawing art: private orders, NFTs, YouTube banners, music covers, movie covers, magazine and book covers, instagram celebrities, brands, and much more...

We will create 2 great art from scratch and then take apart all the nuances. The uniqueness of the course is that you can start learning the course from any lesson by opening the desired lesson and PSD file. The 49 lessons contain 46 PSD files.
The video on the site is compressed for fast page loading The lessons in the course are all in good quality 1080p (Full HD)
Professional dubbing of the course
Relaxing music
Course content
The course is divided into two parts, after which you will
be able to create art for yourself or for your clients.
Getting started in Photoshop
Creating an ART as a portrait.
In the 1st part of the course we will study the basics of Photoshop, learn how to work with brushes and
create the first professional art from an ordinary photo.
Part 1
Creating an art with collage elements.
In the 2nd part of the course, we'll learn how to create a beautifulcollage containing many elements, and
work with a full-length model.
Part 2
Bonus part on working with clients.
More content details are classified. This part is not sold
separately from the full course. The bonus part is available
free of charge only for those who bought the full two-part
course on this page before
1 Step – Beginning
1.1. Creating the file
1.2. Working with brushes
1.3. Mouse operation (without tablet)

2 Step – Preparing a photo
2.1. Working with the gigapixel program
2.2. Working with plastic
2.3. Color correction and noise reduction
1 part
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Advantages of the course
If you have a graphics tablet, you can go through almost the whole course without using a computer mouse
You don't have to buy a graphics tablet, I additionally show you how to draw skin, light, hair with a computer mouse
You get a free bonus lesson on working with clients
You can take the course at any appropriate time for you
You will get full access to the course right after payment
Course overcame moderation and published on Gumroad
It is possible to release free video annotations for those who have bought the course
The niche of commercial art in this style is free
Convenient and secure payment method through the Gumroad service. Supports credit, debit cards, Apple pay, and Google Pay
Small course price for 8 years of experience
The ability to work remotely anywhere in the world
Easy monetization of art (but there are specific features that few people know about)
An opportunity to become a successful commercial artist
Ability to learn up to 90% of the basic functionality of Adobe Photoshop
The course is relevant for 2022
You will get unique designer brushes for working with skin and hair
Technical support for the course. We process any questions on WhatsApp
We will create 2 different artworks, after which you can work with almost any composition
The well-developed course structure is suitable for both beginners and professionals
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fully read the of the contract, and the
policy of personal data.
27 lessons 6 hours
You can also buy 1 part of the course separately for $49 and 2 part* of the course for $69. It is more profitable to buy the course in full for $99 on this page and get a bonus lesson while this offer is available.
working with clients as a gift until:
The course is almost yours!
Take the course whenever it's convenient for you Benefit $61, compared to buying the courses separately Bonus lesson on
6 lessons 1 hours
Commercial art - bonus
16 lessons 6 hours
Commercial art - part 2
27 lessons 6 hours
Commercial art - part 1
About the course author
Hi, my name is Alex. I have been involved in design for over 8 years. When I started designing, there were almost no courses that showed me new and relevant techniques in Photoshop. That's why I developed them myself andimproved them over the years. You will not find these techniques in the public domain and in the form of a large actual course. I've also been working with clients for about 7 years, and I know trends in the world of design and what has gone out of fashion. By purchasing the course, 96% of my students were satisfied with the learning outcome. Also don't forget that after taking the course you can become a part of my team and work with my clients for 70% of my orders. But only if I like your style and responsibility. About cooperation, write to me WhatsApp: +1-999-99-99. Buy the course and join us!

Subscribe to my Instagram account @deskillss, get inspired, get
interesting content.If you still have questions about the course, click
on the link, and text your question on WhatsApp: +1-999-99-99
Become a pro in the world of
Photoshop photo processing!
Learn how to process photos
professionally and create stunning art!
Do I need a basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop to take the lessons?
No, I teach my students from scratch.
Is the course suitable for professionals?
Yes, you can learn new quick art drawing techniques and new collage techniques.
I don’t have knowledge and skills in design, will I be able to study the course?
Yes, you can study the course completely, even without knowledge of design.
Can I use poor quality original photos?
Yes, in the lesson I show you how to improve your photos at times.
Is it possible to take the course only with a computer mouse?
You can, in the course I show how to work with the mouse when drawing hair and skin.
What is the best tablet to buy for drawing art?
Any graphics tablet. But I personally recommend to buy graphic tablets from the Japanese manufacturer Wacom. Wacom has the nicest tablets and drivers. You can choose any tablet from the cheapest to the most premium.
Which version of Adobe Photoshop do I need?
Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 - 2022.
Is macOS or Windows good for practice?
Is it possible to take the course on Android or IOS?
You can watch the course on any operating system, but practice is possible only on MacOS or Windows.
What kind of voice acting do the lessons come with?
This course is voiced in English. If you want the lessons to be duplicated in your language - write me an email: Also, you may not know English and completely complete the course. It will take a little longer.
How long will it take to get great results?
Everything is individual, for some it takes a few weeks, for some in 2-3 months.
Can I share the course with friends or web?
No, you cannot share the course. There is a hidden label for each customer in the lessons where the id of the customer is indicated in several frames throughout the course, and we also use other modern methods of fighting piracy. If my lawyers find the course on the Internet, then we can track down the person who published it and sue him for copyright infringement. If you want to buy a course for teaching more than 1 person and save on licenses, please email: Let's respect each other's work.
Can I get a refund?
Unfortunately, you purchase material that has intellectual value and cannot be returned but, in any case, if you have any problems, our team will try to solve them. You can write an appeal by email:
WhatsApp: +1-111-111-1111
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